Your Nakto Folding Ox Bike’s Buying Guide

by Palmer

The human being is a complex specie. And we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of understanding what they want. But one thing is still valid: people generally acquire properties or goods because they crave the benefits, cache, and experience that others who bought them before enjoyed.

The objective of this buyer’s guide is to help you make better purchasing decisions when you next you’re in the market for a bike. But to properly do this, it should be explained what folding bikes are, the pros and cons rightly pointed out.

What is a folding bike?

A folding bike – is different from a regular bike in one major area: frame design. Unlike the regular bike with a single solid frame, a folding bike has frames built from many hinged parts. These frames are held in place by quick-release clamps. When the owner wants to pack it up, the clamps on the frames are released. And this allows the bikes to be folded and neatly tucked away.

Although different folding bikes have different and unique mechanisms, they are relatively similar. And it takes less than a minute to tighten or lose these clamps.

Why folding bikes?

Folding bikes are becoming increasingly popular among leisure riders and commuters because they provide them with the advantage of convenience, comfort, flexibility, speed, and functionality. People can fold and conveniently store their bikes on a train or a car boot. Users can also ride them comfortably.

What to look for when shopping for a folding bike

When in the market for a folding bike, consider the following practical tips:

Check the weight of the bike – as stated above, one of the advantages of owning a folding bike is being able to fold and store them. Now imagine carrying a heavy folding bike to the point of storage. That’s additional stress on your part. Folding bikes come in different sizes, so endeavor to check the weight. Better still, try lifting the folded weight to know if it’s something you can comfortably handle. The Nakto Folding Ox bike has a comfortable folded weight of 70 lbs plus the battery.

Make sure you have enough gears – You can use either a simple single-speed or 3-speed hub gear without stress while riding on smooth surfaces like street roads, but they will not be sufficient for a climb, even a short one.

Try going for folding bikes with more gears. Nakto Folding Ox bike with its 6-speed Shimano gears is a great choice.

Check for Mudguards and luggage racks – Your only way of escaping a mud and muck bath on your commute is to make sure your folding bike has mudguards. A luggage rack will allow you to carry things while you’re riding. The Nakto Folding Ox bike has a rear rack to carry a load, and its fat tire provides additional stability even in bumps.

Ready for a new folding bike?

If you desire the right folding bike, consider the Nakto Folding Ox Fat-Tire Bike. What’s not to like. It has a 500W brush-less motor, 48V Lithium-ion battery, strong brake system, powerful suspension fork, big comfortable saddle, and HD LCD display. All these make it a great choice worth adding to your bicycle wishlist.

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