What should you do with your Fifa coins?

What should you do with your Fifa coins?

Fifa coins are considered to be the most valuable virtual currency for video games. The reason is that FIFA is liked by both football lovers and gamers. Every gamer wants to spend their coins carefully after getting them in his Fifa ultimate team account. If you are worried and don’t know how to spend your free fifa coins correctly then you should read this guide.

Here are some of the things that can help you in spending the coins correctly. Let’s take a look at these.

Maximize the value by buying the right packs

You should only buy bronze and silver packs to maximize the value. Demand for gold cards remains low as players open these cards regularly. Few players open bronze and silver packs so when a specific card is needed to complete the squad building challenge, the price gets high. This is because the card value depends upon SBCs.

If you spend a few hours playing the game you will notice that you are getting a lot of gold cards easily.  You can get them from weekly or squad-building challenges as well as from FUT champions and division rivals. That’s why the game market remains full of gold cards. Because of its saturation, you can only buy basic gold players for 400-500 coins. And you will normally get 4-5 in the gold pack. So you should not do that.

Check squad building challenges every Thursday

These days SBCs can come over any time. But Thursday nights are the most likely ones when new SBCs are released. So you can easily maximize the value of the players in your team if you complete squad-building challenges on Thursday night.

Do weekly web app audit

This is for the passionate ones, but it is worth doing if you can manage to spare a few hours every weekend. You should audit your stashed silver and bronze cards weekly.

For doing an audit you have to go to the web app and then follow these steps

  • Go to your club then select “players” and then choose “quality”. After that press ”silver”.
  • You can now see the list of silver players. Now highlight the top player from the list, and select “compare price” from the right side of the menu.
  • Now you can see all other cards of that player from the transfer market.
  • Check the cheapest buy, if it is greater than 9,000 coins then you should list that card for a more competitive value. You can also select and update the “minimum value” that you want.
  • Do the same with all your silver cards, and then move on to bronze cards and repeat the same procedure.


Fifa coins are used extensively by gamers all over the world. The above-mentioned methods will let you know how you can spend these coins in the best possible way. Just choose the one that suits you the most. Or choose the one that you think will help you win. Or if you don’t spend the coins correctly, you will be on the losing side.