What Bundles With Closure Length Suits Me?

What Bundles With Closure Length Suits Me?

In the era of influencers and vloggers running the world, people are becoming very well cautious about how they look, their outfit, their hairstyles, all of it matters! When it comes to hairstyles, gone are those days when women just used to have a slick bun. We now have different hairstyles for different occasions and what’s the best part about it is that no matter what the hair length or color, you can fully customize your hair with the help of bundles with closure.

So, whatever the length of your hair, you can still style it with a little bit of creativity, fashion sense, and the right amount of accessories. Taking inspiration from different fashion magazines, looking through how celebrities are styling their hair, and searching for what style is trendy, you can rock any look!

Read on to know more about what types of hairstyles you can go for according to the length of your hair. Later on, in this article, you will also learn how you can choose the right bundle length for yourself.

Standard Bundles With Closure Lengths By Hairinbeauty

1. Short

For shorter lengths, it’s all about how creative you are with your hair. Out of numerous hairstyles on the Internet, there are some which stand out, like making mini braids on the sides and leaving some hair down. You can also style your hair by giving it a swoop bob which gives off 90s Y2K vibes.

2. Medium

For medium hair length, you can go for butterfly clips or some other sparkly accessories to make your hairstyle look party-ready. You can also style your hair with the good old half up half down look. If you want to look elegant and give off a clean girl look, simply go for a ponytail.

3. Long

Long hair has many ways of being styled, yet one of the most classy looks is the high ponytail, just like the iconic Ariana Grande ponytail. For long hair, you can also tie them in a low-rise bun which gives off the rich aunt look as you might be aware of the low bun trend on the Internet.

Choosing The Right Bundle Length

1. Your Height

One of the most important factors that affect the wig length is your height. Almost all hair lengths are suitable for a normal height body. If you are a tall and slender person, longer lengths can be the perfect hair length for you as it looks more feminine therefore balancing out the length of the body. Shorter hair styled with bangs is perfect for you if you are short!

2. Personal Length Preference

It is quite obvious that you should look for the wig length which appeals the most to you. Many people like longer hair lengths because of the elegant look and many prefer shorter lengths that give off a sweet look and are quite manageable.

3. Face Shape

For oval shaped faces, longer hair lengths are the best suited ones. If you have a round or triangle shaped face, you should definitely go for shorter hair lengths, like a bob. And for square and heart-shaped faces, medium length hair suits the best.

4. Hair Density

Hair with less density should most definitely have more length. Whereas if your hair has high density, you should go for medium to short hair length. You can take inspiration from the 90s iconic Winona Ryder’s hairstyle - it is dense and short!

Common Hair Bundle  Lengths

1. 12 Inches Bob

A 12 inch bob is one of the most pretty hair lengths and if you want to make people embrace your facial features more, then you should definitely go for this hair length. This length is manageable yet stylish.

2. 18 Inches

An 18 inches hair length is the most common length which is preferred by many people as it is classy and elegant. If you want to go for a straight wig, then an 18 inches wig length is the most preferred one for you.

3. 26 Inches

If you love long hair lengths and want to show off your creative hairstyle skills, you should definitely go for a 26 inches wig. 26 inch wigs have a waistline hair length and look chic and classy.

4. 40 Inches

A 40 inches hair length is the perfect wig length for you if you want to go crazy with achieving a new elegant and fabulous look. It is a rare hair length but is sure to make heads turn while you walk around.


Hairinbeauty can provide you with the perfect wig of your choice. With so many fabulous products ranging in length, style, and colors, you are sure to get the wig of your life. If you want to achieve an elegant look and receive compliments about your hair, wait no more and purchase your favorite wig from the amazing collection offered by Hairinbeauty.