Training Your Puppy: The First Five Commands to Teach for a Well-Behaved Dog

Training Your Puppy: The First Five Commands to Teach for a Well-Behaved Dog

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting journey filled with cuddles, playtime, and, importantly, training. The foundation of a well-behaved dog lies in early training with essential dog commands. Let's explore the first five commands to teach your puppy for a smooth start to a lifetime of companionship.

1. Sit

The 'Sit' command is one of the simplest and most fundamental dog commands. It's a building block for more complex commands and helps in managing your puppy's behavior. Start by holding a treat close to your puppy's nose and slowly move your hand up, allowing their head to follow the treat and bottom to lower. Once they sit, say "Sit" and give them the treat.

2. Stay

After mastering 'Sit,' 'Stay' is the next command. It teaches your puppy patience and self-control. Ask your puppy to 'Sit,' open your palm in front of you, say "Stay," and take a few steps back. Reward them if they stay put, gradually increasing the distance and duration over time.

3. Come

The 'Come' command is crucial for your puppy's safety. Start this training in a confined area. Put a leash and collar on your puppy, say "Come" while gently pulling the leash, and reward them when they come to you. Over time, practice this command without the leash in a safe, enclosed area.

4. Down

'Down' is one of the more challenging dog commands but is essential for promoting calm behavior. Hold a treat in your closed hand near your puppy's nose, move your hand to the floor, and slide it along the ground to encourage your puppy to follow. Once they're in the down position, say "Down," and give them the treat.

5. Leave It

This command helps prevent your puppy from picking up dangerous or unwanted items. Place a treat in both hands. Show them one enclosed fist with the treat inside, and say "Leave it." Ignore their attempts to get it, and once they stop, give them the treat from the other hand. This teaches them that ignoring certain items leads to a better reward.


Training your puppy with these foundational dog commands will set the stage for a well-behaved dog. Remember, consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key. Celebrate their successes, and don't get discouraged by setbacks. Enjoy the bonding experience and the journey of growing together with your new furry friend.