How To Make a Dinosaur Costume

How To Make a Dinosaur Costume

Every kid has a dinosaur obsession at some point in their age. They love being dinosaurs in their costume or at Halloween parties as these are the only occasions where they can turn their fiction into reality.

There are a lot of dinosaur costume options available in the market. You can purchase one for your kid if you want to. But here is a problem!

Kids are way too picky about their selections. And it isn’t easy to purchase a costume that fits according to their imaginations.

Worry not! Because every problem comes with a solution.

If your kid is not satisfied with the market costume and wants something different, you can do it yourself.

In this article, you’ll learn some best ways to DIY dinosaur costumes. But first, have a look at its benefits.

The Benefit of DIY Dinosaur Costume

  • Creativity
  • Budget-friendly
  • A fun activity with kids
  • Your kid will get what he wants
  • You can recycle the unusable things

Best Ways to DIY Dinosaur Costume

Everyone has their way of designing the costume. If you don’t have anything in mind, you can get inspiration from others’ ideas and create them in your way. Regardless of the material used, every method has almost the same requirements.

Making costumes yourself is an amazing way to spend quality time with your kids. Here are a few simple ways that can help you with your task;

  1. Using cardboard to make the costume
  2. The old T-shirt and baseball hat can combination would be amazing
  3. The hooded shirt will make a perfect dinosaur
  4. A metal frame with sculpture will make a realistic costume, but it will be tricky

If you are wondering how to make one yourself, below is the easiest cardboard method in detail.

How to Make Cardboard Dinosaur Costume

Cardboard costume is lightweight, easy to design and zero money demanding. All the needed items are usually available at every home. So, you don’t need to go out to buy anything.

If you are short on time and don’t have time to shop, it’s the best way to save your day.

Things You Need

  • 3-4 Cardboard boxes
  • Spray color
  • Scissor and glue
  • Paint or colors

Step-By-Step Process

  • Cut the cardboard for body and tail formations. The cutting should be equaled, measured, and smooth. To make head, you need a full small box. Teeth cutting will be synchronized. Teeth can be made from cardboard and white foam. Use the available option.
  • Spray paint both sides of all cutting parts with your required color. The teeth don’t need to color if the white foam is used; otherwise, color them white. Let’s all the colors dry out.
  • Design the eyes and back spikes. Cut and color them as well. You can use paint or markers colors as well for small portions.
  • Don’t forget to make holes for the arms and neck.
  • After preparing everything, glued them together. The glue should be high-quality to keep the parts together for a long time. You can use adhesive tapes at points where possible for more stability.


DIY dinosaur costume is a very common exercise among many people. You can design a costume even if you are entirely unaware of the process. Making a t-shirt costume is also relatively easy as the cardboard one. Choose any of the methods mentioned above based on your ease. Your little one will surely love wearing the hand-made costume.