golden pokemon cards: How To Get golden pokemon cards

golden pokemon cards: How To Get golden pokemon cards

Golden pokemon cards are rare Pokémon cards that are gold in color. Over the years, a number of golden pokemon cards have come into play. However, just like everything that’s rare, it’s not easy to find and obtain these cards, especially because there’s a limited number of them in circulation.

How easy is it to get golden pokemon cards?

The chances of finding a golden Pokémon card in every box of cards is very slim. It also depends on the set of cards you intend to get. Certain cards are rarer than others and as such, it will be more difficult to find those golden cards as opposed to those that are more in circulation.

What Pokémon card set has golden pokemon cards?

Not all Pokémon card sets have golden cards in circulation yet. The Boundaries Crossed expansion pack was the first set of Pokémon cards to have a golden card. Other Pokémon card sets like the Legendary Treasures set, which is now the most coveted golden Pokémon card set as well as the Reshiram and Zekrom cards.

Several sets in the XY Pokémon card series such as the Ancient Origins and Roaring Skies set the pace for the popularity of golden pokemon cards and eventually card sets like Sun; moon expansions, sword;shield expansions, and even the Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection released golden pokemon cards.

The entire Pokémon card universe is in love with the Pokémon golden cards and are willing to spend as much as necessary to get these rare cards.

How to get golden pokemon cards

Now that we know how rare and highly coveted golden pokemon cards are, we’re probably wondering how to get these cards. Here are some methods to obtain golden pokemon cards:

By buying card sets

There is most likely one or more golden pokemon cards in every card set, although in some cases, they may not be present. One way of obtaining golden pokemon cards is by purchasing the individual card sets and finding the Pokémon golden cards. Card sets are available in retail stores or game shops that sell Pokémon cards.

By purchasing booster card boxes

Booster boxes usually contain about 36 different booster cards. This is not a guarantee that there are golden pokemon cards in the boxes but the chances of finding golden pokemon cards in booster boxes are good. So you should consider buying some booster boxes and you might just get lucky to find a few golden pokemon cards.

By purchasing promo packs

Many Pokémon card promo packs come with booster cards or other rare cards like the golden pokemon cards. You can also get golden pokemon cards by buying these promo packs. The best time to buy these promo packs are at the release of new packs when new cards would have been included.


Now that you know how to get golden pokemon cards, you can begin your search for these rare cards and take your game play to the next level. You can also consider buying. These cards from other players who are willing to sell golden cards.