Facts You Should Know About Elo Boost

Facts You Should Know About Elo Boost

The game "league of legends ' is gaining an audience in the game world recently. The desire to be ranked above their peers in the game and also people wanting to play with more skillful people according to their ranks keeps growing day by day. To achieve this, lots of players resolve using the elo boost. The elo boost helps a player to boost their status above other players’ ranks and also makes the player play with a more skillful player. Being new to the game or someone without any knowledge of the elo boost, it's only natural to ask questions.  That is why in this article we will be answering main questions asked by gamers about elo boost and also give facts about elo boost.

Facts About Elo Boost

As it has stated earlier, elo boost is a service that helps boost your rank in the game to your desired ranks with the help of a skilled elo booster. You can get boosted by giving your account to the booster which a lot of people know as solo boosting and you can also play with the skilled elo booster with you account and win games together and this is known as duo boosting. Elo boosting saves you the time and stress of climbing up the ladder of ranks and puts you in the place of experts in no time.

  • Can I get banned for using Elo boost for my game?: A lot of gamers consider Elo boosting as illegal which is not true. Elo boosting is only banned in Korea as it is against the Riot terms and conditions and can get a player banned if used as they believe it without competition there is no fun in the game. But elo boosting is efficient in other games and across other countries. Elo Boosting does not get you banned except by riot and is also not illegal as most people tag it to be.
  • How expensive is elo boosting and can it be done for free?: The chances of getting a free boost is so slim, the industry has grown so much in the past few years. However, you can get lots of exciting deals as some websites offer free games to new customers or some independent player trying to have a name in the elo boosting world might come up with some eye-catching offers. At the beginning of boosting industry, the prices were known to be high because only a few people provided such services back then but today, the prices are at medium and are still likely to go lower but cannot increase further.
  • Is Duo boosting safe?:A lot of people ask if duo boosting is safe in terms of their account been hacked. The answer is yes, duo boosting is safe. As stated earlier duo boosting just involves the player playing on his or her own account and duo with a professional. However, we should always be careful when selecting a website to be used, the website should guarantee the protection of your account in all cases. But in all, duo boosting is safe to use.


With the understanding of the facts stated above, we should see no harm in obtaining the services of elo boosters to boost up our ranks and get ahead of our peers in the game.