5 Reasons You Need a Headband Wig in Your Life

5 Reasons You Need a Headband Wig in Your Life

You’ve probably seen YouTube videos or Instagram photos of people rocking headbands as a way to add volume, curl and texture to their hair. And while it might look cute, wearing a headband wig can sometimes feel a little silly. But once you understand the versatility of having one in your wardrobe, you’ll see why owning one is actually pretty necessary. From keeping sweat out of your face during intense workouts to adding natural-looking volume to your hair for formal occasions, these 6 reasons you need a headband wig in your life are bound to change your tune once you see how handy they can be.

They protect your natural hair

Owning a headband wig is essentially like owning a protective slip for your hair. If you’re someone who uses heat tools on their hair to style it, you know how damaging it is to use them on your own hair. Having a headband wig in your wardrobe protects your natural hair from damage caused by heat tools, so you can wear it more often knowing your hair is being protected. This is especially true if you have curly or thick hair. While wearing a headband wig can protect your hair from damage caused by heat tools, it won’t protect it against humidity. So, make sure to protect your hair with a hair dryer, a cap or a misting bottle to stay protected from frizzy hair when you’re outside.

They add instant volume and texture

Adding volume to your hair can be tricky, especially if you have fine hair and don’t have much hair to begin with. Having a headband wig with a texturizing fiber in it lets you add instant volume to your hair by wrapping it around your head and pulling on the fiber. A good rule of thumb is to wrap your hair around the wig once and then pull out some of the fiber. This technique gives each hair a little boost of volume and a little texture, so your style looks more natural. Volume and texture can also be added to your hair with a dryer or misting bottle. A dryer is best for straight hair, whereas misting your hair with water is best for wavy and curly hair. Adding volume and texture can be difficult with both products, but with a wig, it’s easy. You can also add texture while your hair is straight, or you can use the blow drier or misting bottle to add texture to your curly hair.

They’re easy to style

Wearing a headband wig doesn’t have to make styling your hair harder. In fact, wearing a wig while styling your hair can actually help you style your hair better. Wearing a wig while styling your hair lets you focus on the areas you might be struggling with most. For example, if your hair is frizzy and you need to diffuse it, you won’t have to worry about pinning your hair while you diffuse. If your roots are showing through your highlighting products, you can focus on those while you style your hair. This way, you don’t have to worry about two things at once and can instead focus on one thing at a time.

They’re not just for special occasions

While wearing a headband wig for special occasions is perfectly cute (and perfectly necessary), wearing a wig throughout the week is also realistic. If you find that you need a wig in your wardrobe because your hair isn’t holding up well, wearing one on the regular is a great way to protect your hair. Wearing a wig while protecting your hair with protective styles or adding volume with a texturizing fiber is a great way to protect your hair from damage when you don’t have time to do it yourself. And once you realize that wearing a wig is a great way to protect your hair when you don’t have time, you’ll see the versatility of owning one.

They’re a great investment

Wearing a wig isn’t cheap. However, buying a cheap one will just end up in the back of your closet, while a good quality wig will last you a long time. Investing in a wig with good quality hair will last you a long time while also protecting your hair from daily damage. Plus, you’ll be able to wear it again and again, so it’s an investment worth making. There you have it. Five reasons we need a headband wig in our lives. Now, let’s go shopping!