3 Main Reasons Why Best-Rated Vaporizer Cigarette Types use COREX Heating Technology

3 Main Reasons Why Best-Rated Vaporizer Cigarette Types use COREX Heating Technology

The heating technology that your e-cigarette uses significantly impacts the experience you will get while vaping. In the recent past best-rated vaporizer cigarette types have used numerous innovative technologies to give vapers a better experience. Corex is the most recent breakthrough technology that has changed the story for these best-rated vaporizer cigarette brands. Vapresso, the copyright owner of Corex, has spent four years developing these new technologies. Brands can now utilize this new technology in their products.

Corex has been mainly made clearly for refillable devices. It has brought a brand new stage for cellular core technology. Also, it has satisfied the previous consumers' desires that other technologies had not satisfied.

Why Best-Rated Vaporizer Cigarette Types use COREX Heating Technology

Before the coming of Corex heating technology, consumers would hear many complaints about a lack of satisfaction. You would not fail to hear them stating that they did not get adequate flavor experience from their e-cigarettes. Therefore, Vapresso spent time researching to come up with Corex finally. New brands are now taking up this technology. You can now get one of those best-rated vaporizer cigarette types that utilize the technology. Below are the main reasons why brands are going the Corex way.

1. Maximum nicotine delivery

COREX heating technology ensures maximum production of nicotine. It is rated to generate almost 67% more than the traditional coils because it has the utmost distribution of pores in the heating element. As a result, it can completely vaporize the e-juice, bringing the most out of it. Therefore, most of the best-rated vaporizer cigarette brands have adopted the technology to give their customers value for their money. As a result, they can stand out in the market. In addition, the technology has helped them satisfy their consumer's nicotine appetite.

2. Excellent flavor

COREX heating technology helps these brands' products to generate excellent flavor. The even inlet holes of the coil make the juice and flavor flow quickly and equally. Besides, the well-placed mesh gives the coil an adequate surface area from every part. As a result, more smooth clouds are achieved, and flavors from all e-juice are adequately restored. The technology helps the vaping device reach its atomizing temperature within 0.02s. You are therefore saving the waiting time for the warm-up of the device.

3. Long-lasting

The coil you utilize in your vaping device determines how long your device will last. COREX gives your device a long lifespan. It is not any different from these best-rated vaporizer cigarette brands. Most utilize COREX heating technology because it is durable. Besides, the puffs do not keep varying as you use them frequently. You get the same taste from the first puff to the very last.

And as if not enough, COREX is made up of durable raw materials such as aluminum oxide. It is therefore listed as one of the most long-lasting coils in the vaping industry.


COREX heating technology remains a game changer for every best-rated vaporizer cigarette type. You will also find it beneficial when you utilize it in your refillable vaping device. The technology remains a crucial milestone for every vaper outside there.